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 Embrace alternative living.

Alt Xpress is here to provide you with access to the latest in alternative living. We specialize in top-shelf clones for the cultivar, as well as offering our own exclusive line of products. Our online blog and community are the perfect places to find tips and tricks for alternative living. With Alt Xpress, you can find everything you need to live a more alternative lifestyle.

About Us

At Alt Xpress, we take pride in creating quality product that you can trust. Whether you are looking for something calming, nourishing or balancing, or just need to do some soul searching, our products address an array of needs. Our clones are hand-selected for their medicinal properties, while our magic chocolates offer the perfect microdose.
Our Clothing & Accessory store offers designer products, and second-hand throwbacks alike. Come check out what we have to offer!*

We cater to connoisseurs and cultivators alike. Our dedicated team truly believes in the power of nature to instill harmony and balance in our lives, and this shines through in every product we offer.

For those in states who can not grow legally, we offer tips and tricks on alt-style living through our blog.
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*clothing items coming soon

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